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What we've got here are Garmin GPS maps of ski resorts - lifts, slopes, snow parks, freerides, facilities, etc. Upload them on your GPS device and enjoy skiing and snowboarding, even when it's foggy.

Devices and compatibility

Maps are currently available for Garmin GPS devices (such as Oregon, Dakota, Colorado, GPSMAP or Rino series), including Garmin Mobile XT application for mobile phones (Symbian, Windows Mobile and Palm OS based devices).

Installing free maps

Free map downloads include .img files that have to be combined and uploaded manually. We recommend using free MapUpload utility. Detailed instructions can be found here.

Alternatively, you can use free SendMap or IMG2GPS tools. Or, depending on the device, you can just copy the map file to the appropriate folder on your device. However, most of the older Garmin models require the map to be renamed to GMAPSUPP.IMG or GMAPSUP2.IMG.

Installing full version

The full version of Skidea maps includes installer which integrates the maps into Garmin MapSource for easy combining and transfering to your GPS device. Garmin MapSource is freely downloadable from Garmin website.

When Garmin MapSource is present on your system, all you have to do is run the downloaded Skidea Setup.exe file. It will install and integrate the mapset into your MapSource, where you have to select the 'Skidea.com Ski Maps' product and pick the maps you want to transfer to your GPS device. Here's a short MapSource for Dummies tutorial.

The data is not guaranteed to be correct or complete. Use the maps at your own risk.

If you still can't see the maps in MapSource

You already have Garmin MapSource and you installed Skidea Maps Setup.exe, you run MapSource but nothing happens... In the top left corner, you can find a drop-down box where you select the active mapset. The same thing's available from the menu > View > Switch to Product... Select Skidea.com Ski Maps.

Maps become visible only at higher zoom levels. If you can't see the map, either switch to 'Map Tool' from the toolbar to see the map outlines, or zoom in using 'Zoom Tool'.

If you still can't see the map on your GPS device

In the device Setup menu, there is usually a submenu where you choose which of the installed maps should be displayed. Make sure that Skidea maps are enabled.

Be sure to zoom in sufficiently. Maps appear only at closer zoom levels, below 10 km scale or so.

If you still don't see the map, there might be some other installed map covering it. In the same Setup menu, disable a map that could cause the problem.

Feel free to contact us if you have any problem with the maps.

Are the maps routable?

No, the maps are not routable for various reasons:

  • We don't know how good a skier is, i.e. if to route red and black pistes or not
  • We don't know if the skier is ready to take some walk in order to arrive to the destination
  • We don't know whether some lifts are closed or not, which is a case that is much more frequent than with roads
  • We often don't have information whether ski lifts can take you down or not, and if you want just to arrive, or you want to ski

About the data

Free maps of available ski resorts, mostly in the Alps, are listed here. Please contact us for the maps you would like to see on this site.

Maps are based on OpenStreetMap data, available under CC-BY-SA license. Topographic SRTM3 data is in public domain.

For online version of the maps visit OpenPisteMap.org.

You are free to participate in the project and help improve the maps. More information about the project can be found on OpenStreetMap Wiki.

All maps are available in lite, freely downloadable versions, and as a Skidea suite, containing more map features, installer for integration with Garmin MapSource, and more.

More ski resorts will be added upon your request.

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